John Bozzelli’s Mastering Injection Molding Lecture and Q&A series

Presented by Purgex at booth #S26055

John Bozzelli’s “Mastering Injection Molding” – Presented by Purgex

john bozzelli purgex purging compounds injection molding lecture series npe 2015

Purgex is extremely honored to officially announce that we will be hosting Scientific Molding’s  John Bozzelli. “Mastering Injection Molding” is a series of mini lectures and Q&A sessions focused on understanding injection molding’s most difficult challenges.

Mr. Bozzelli is one of the most well-respected minds in the field of injection molding training and will share his molding insights with you. Each of the four seminars and four Q&A sessions are free and will be hosted at Purgex’s booth. If you haven’t already, you can receive a free NPE guest pass to attend this series courtesy of Purgex here.


Times, Topics

Monday11:00 AMHow to Evaluate an IM Machine1:30 PMBlack Specks Q&A
Tuesday11:00 AMPlastic Flow via Glass Mold1:30 PMFlow Q&A
Wednesday11:00 AMHow to Evaluate an IM Machine1:30 PMScrew Design/Usage Q&A
Thursday11:00 AMPlastic Flow via Glass Mold1:30 PMHot Runners Q&A





About John Bozzelli

John Bozzelli Purgex Purging Compounds NPE 20015

John is a graduate of Marietta College (BS) and Ohio University (MS). Twenty years in Dow Plastics provided extensive experience in polymer synthesis, development, production, and processing. John has been a seminar leader with RJG Associates, Injection Molding Magazine, University of Wisconsin, General Polymers, PolyOne, Glenn Beall, and John Klees. Competent in resin characterization and analysis, his specialty is practical, hands-on injection molding training in thermoplastics.

National recognition has come through ten patents, over 100 papers and industry articles covering plastics and processing. He has over 25 years on the seminar circuit and has several feature articles such as the “Productivity Challenge” and “Scientific Molding” In 2005, he was named as processor of the year by Modern Plastics. Many of these articles and papers can be found in the on-line archives of Plastics Technology and Injection Molding Magazine.

John teaches Scientific Molding (SIM) technology from the plastics point of view for design and processing with a passion that provides a significant emotional experience that you will remember. He presents practical techniques that improve your profits today while elevating your production to international standards. For more information on John Bozzelli or his upcoming lectures, please visit