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About Us:

neutrex president arthur p haagNeutrex, Inc. is the culmination of Founder Arthur P. Haag’s sixty-plus years of experience in the thermoplastic industry. Combining his advanced knowledge of polymer chemistry with his entrepreneurial drive, Arthur Haag created the first Purgex™ grade in 1992. Since that time, Neutrex has been dedicated to the continuous improvement of existing grades and the development of new Purgex grades.

Neutrex is a versatile purging compounds company that has a rare blend of qualities integral in forming what it is today, and what it strives to be in the future.

Technical Mindset:
versatile purging compounds industryThe very core of Neutrex rests in our incorporation of experience, technology, and research. Our on-site R&D lab is constantly experimenting with new materials, analyzing results from in-plant trials, and testing the parameters of Purgex so that all products that leave our facilities are at the pinnacle of performance.

Global Scope:
Neutrex is an American company, but our products reach far beyond domestic borders. Customers and distribution networks worldwide not only receive the Purgex product, but also the same outstanding technical support as our domestic customers. This ever-growing global customer base is a testament to the satisfaction of Purgex users.

Centralized Location:
Headquartered in the global shipping hub of Houston, Texas, Neutrex is uniquely situated to ship anywhere from Detroit to New Delhi. Multiple warehouses in the United States and ready stock in forty different countries provide the quick turnaround our customers depend on.

In-House Manufacturing:
100% of Purgex purging agents are produced in our on-site manufacturing facility. We strongly believe that having direct control of the product, from the purchase of its ingredients, to the manufacturing process, to shipment from our facility allows Neutrex to ensure that every container meets our high standards.