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Electronics and Purging Compounds

Electrical components cover a wide range of processes, resins and colors. With tight schedules and specifications, using the wrong grade or an ineffective purging compound can prove to be the difference between making missing a deadline and having time to spare. With Purgex™ purging compounds, you can use a single grade, and avoid the hassle and confusion of more than one purging material on the plant floor. Most importantly, Purgex purging compounds give you a distinct advantage over your competitors by making each individual machine more profitable. Extruders stay offline less and injection molding machines produce minimal scrap on every color or material change that occurs.

Purging Compounds Electrical Products Features:


Electrical products come in all sizes and are produced on a variety of machine configurations. All Purgex purging compounds for electronics are able to pass through gates as small as .030” (.75mm) while also safely cleaning hot runners, mixing nozzles and check rings. In extrusion molding machines, Purgex delivers cleaning power in the barrel and screw, die and melt pumps.


Whether extruding PE wire coatings or injection molding PVC breaker box components, Purgex has the perfect purging compound grade to fit whatever process and resin you use.          We also provide simple procedures that are developed to make each purge as effective and straight-forward as possible for your operators.

Cost Savings

Color changes can be a long, costly process. In some short runs, the purging process before and after a change can take as long the run itself. When changing from dark to light colors, long-forgotten colors can reappear in your part via small specks or long streaks. These periods of machine downtime in between runs can cost the manufacturer thousands of dollars each month in scrap and labor alone. With Purgex, you get a world-renown purging compound that removes baked-on carbon and lingering colorant quickly so you can return to making quality parts, and money, in no time.