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Automotive Purging Compound

Molding products for the Automotive Industry presents a unique set of challenges; scrap parts can cost thousands on even a small run, OEM orders change in the span of a phone call, and large JIT orders can come in without notice. Situations like these are where Purgex™ purging compounds automotive parts can mean the difference between meeting your goals with time to spare or coming up short.

Purgex Features for Automotive

purging compounds automotive parts


Inefficient automotive parts molders don’t stay around long in this type of industry.  In such a competitive market, every plant must continually find ways to stay as efficient as possible.  And one of the biggest challenges to creating a lean plant is color changes. Lots of color changes mean that purging time and scrap costs can start to add up to tens – even hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of waste each year. To combat this, Purgex grades are uniquely designed to reduce the total time it takes to change colors as well as material waste each change entails. A small amount of Purgex purging compounds for automotive equipment can go a long way towards overall cost savings.


Purgex is engineered to keep up with an ever-expanding world of resins. That means Purgex is designed to work efficiently on a broad range of resins from commodities such as polypropylene and polyethylene, to specialty resins like Nylon and polycarbonate. Purgex eliminates the need to have a specific purging compound on hand for each separate resin you mold. We believe that although your material might have to change- your purging compound shouldn’t.


The Purgex technical sales staff has more experience in the Automotive Injection Molding Industry than just stopping by a few plants and running purge trials. We’ve pulled double shifts, handled mid-run equipment breakdowns, and worked on the plant floor. Our experience in automotive plastics molding, coupled with our knowledge of Purgex purging compounds, is an invaluable combination for solving your purging challenges.