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Purgex™ 742

Purging Compound for Automotive Interiors Applications

Product Information

Purgex™ 742 Commercial Purging Compound is engineered specifically for polypropylene copolymer applications. Like its predecessors, Purgex™ 742 has non-toxic, non-abrasive active ingredients with a polyethylene carrier. This product provides dual-cleaning action with a mechanical component and a unique active ingredient. Purgex™ 742 is a ready-to-use blend that effectively removes contamination from the screw, barrel and hot runner system. Purgex™ 742 is designed to reduce the standard amount of purging compound used, to significantly reduce purge time, and to minimize scrap.


Physical Description

  • Blend & polyethylene and an active component
  • Non-toxic, non-abrasive, and safe
  • Ready to use and easy to remove


Features and Benefits

  • High efficiency purging compound specifically designed for polypropylene copolymer applications for injection molding of automotive interior trim parts.
  • Reduced amount is required for efficient purging and low scrap.
  • Effectively cleans the barrel, screw, check ring, as well as hot runner systems and is safely processed through tools with valve gates.
  • Is easily removed from the system with the next production resin.