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Film and Sheet Purging Compounds


Long runs and clear materials make purging compounds for sheet equipment and film equipment especially difficult.  Resin and carbon build up on the screw and along the die edges, causing unwanted streaks and black specks, even after purging with traditional purging agents. Backed by a modern R&D lab, Purgex™ grades are created, developed and relentlessly tested to tackle the problems film and sheet processors face.

plastic film and sheet molding extrusion injeciton



Purgex is safe for your machines and Hot Runner System. Purgex is strictly tested to ensure it can safely pass through any gate .030″ (.75mm) or larger and still provide the industry-leading performance you need. This means no worries for your customers or your employees on the floor.

No Haze

Clear parts are some of the most painstaking items to produce. Black specks, color streaks, and materials molded long ago can unexpectedly appear in clear parts. These unwanted contaminants can add hours to an otherwise simple changeover. To add another layer of complexity in producing quality clear parts, an after-purge haze can occur when purging with some resins or purging compounds. With this range of problems in mind, we have developed a specific grade of Purgex to resolve these challenging issues.

Easily Removed

Purgex Purging Compounds not only clean your extrusion, injection, or blow molding  machine, but importantly, are easily removed without leaving residue behind. Purgex’s research and development team keep focus on our simple rule of thumb: “easy in, easy out”. Our goal is to make the time between runs as short as possible, and that includes ensuring that no Purgex is left in your machine.   With such high standards for product purity in the medical industry, the only thing you have to worry about Purgex leaving behind is a spotless machine ready for production.

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