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Custom Molding Purging Compounds

Custom molders have to be prepared for change. White Styrene fishing lures one day could easily become green PVC lawn chairs the next making purging compound molding applications very important. Quick changes and tight deadlines mean that custom molders can’t waste time and space keeping a different purging compound for each material processed.  Purgex™ purging compounds help keep warehouses uncluttered, and product orders completed on time.

Purgex™ Features for Custom Molding:

Flexibilitycustom molding purging compounds

From everyday commodity resins to less common engineered resins, Purgex has a grade that will be effective with the different materials you use. Changeovers and purging can be a hectic time on the floor. Reduce confusion and streamline the purging procedure by using just one grade of Purgex for each resin and color throughout your facility.

Quick Order Turnaround

When it isn’t possible to know what the next run holds, it’s even harder trying to know when you’ll need your next order of purging compound. With every single Purgex grade produced in our Houston, Texas manufacturing facilities and warehouses around the globe, we can ensure a speedy order turnaround.

Technical Experience

Our Technical Staff draws on lab results, in-plant trials, and personal experience to find the Purgex grade that best fits your specific purging situation. We match the right Purgex grade with your requirements to clean your machine and work successfully with multiple resins. Most importantly, the Purgex staff will continue to be available to help our customers after an order. New job giving you problems? Certain machines being troublesome? We pride ourselves on supplying our customers the very best service to go along with a world-leading  purging compound.

Cost Savings

Custom molders have to constantly stay ready for sudden changes.  Stay prepared for these changes with custom molding purging compounds. Purgex and our team of purging specialists can help you maximize each machine’s performance and avoid wasting machine time, materials, and money on each color and material change. We know that each unnecessary part wasted and each minute of downtime during a purge can quickly compound into thousands of dollars worth of waste. Purgex purging compounds are lab-engineered to get the very most out of every machine.