Blow Molding Purging Compound | Purgex

Purgex™ 461

Product Information

Purgex™ 461 commercial blow molding purging compound is a ready-to-use blend consisting of active ingredients with a polyethylene carrier. Purgex products have mechanical activity for efficient cleaning, foaming action for enhanced mixing and a lubricant for easy removal.


Physical Description

  • Blend & polyethylene and an active component
  • Non-toxic, non-abrasive, and safe
  • Ready to use and easy to remove


Features and Benefits

  • Designed specifically as a blow molding purging compound, Purgex 461 cleans the extruder, screen pack housing and die/manifold, removing all types of contamination and improving overall film appearance.
  • Also good for extrusion sheet applications.
  • Effective for frequent purging schedules.
  • May be used in certain extrusion lines without removing screen pack.
  • Thorough cleaning of melt pumps and is safely processed through dies as small as .030-inch (.75mm).
  • Efficient removal of compostable and biodegradable resins.