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In Memory Of Arthur P. Haag – Founder of Neutrex, Inc. (1929-2023)

Arthur P. Haag (affectionately known as “AP”) was a leading advocate for use of purging compounds to enhance quality and efficiency in plastics molding.  In 1992, AP invented the first generation of Purgex™, a proprietary purging compound scientifically designed to remove contamination and residual color from plastics molding machinery.  During the subsequent three decades, AP founded and led Neutrex while continually developing and testing improved formulations of Purgex®.  AP’s contributions to the global plastics industry were recognized by awards Neutrex received for exporting excellence from U.S. Presidents George W. Bush and Barrack Obama, and by multiple nominations to the Plastics Hall of Fame.

AP commenced his seventy-year career in the plastics and chemical industries after serving in the U.S. Marine Corps and receiving his Chemical Engineering degree from the University of Wisconsin at Madison.  For over a decade, AP worked as plant engineer, R&D manager and sales executive for several major chemical companies.  During the mid-1960s, AP invented new chemical processes for making high purity titanium trichoride (he was awarded four U.S. Patents), and he founded PureChem Corporation to produce titanium catalysts.  During the subsequent two decades, AP concurrently operated two of the leading producers of titanium and organic catalysts for the plastics manufacturing industry.

After retiring as the President/CEO of the Catalyst Division of Phillips Petroleum, AP co-founded several innovative technology companies.  AP then attained his greatest success as the founder and long-time leader of Neutrex, a Haag family company dedicated to carrying on his legacy in the plastics industry.

John R. Haag – President/CEO

John assumed leadership of Neutrex in 2023 after the passing of his father AP, who was his mentor in technology.  John grew up in chemical plants, working his way through the maintenance, production, laboratory and engineering departments as a teen.  Before receiving his degree in Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering from the University of California at Berkeley, John did computer-aided thermal and seismic analysis for a nuclear power plant reactor cooling system, and co-designed and built a solar waste treatment pilot plant.  After receiving his law degree from the University of California, John defended the legal rights of manufacturers in product safety, patent, business and other matters.  John also assisted in the founding of Neutrex, and served the company for three decades as technical advisor and General Counsel before being appointed President/CEO by the Board of Directors.

Kathleen Haag JarvisVice President of Sales

Kathleen was mentored in sales by her father AP, and following her tenure as a Purgex territory salesperson, has led the Neutrex sales force for several decades.  Kathleen and her sales team are dedicated to assisting customers optimize their plastic molding operations by proper use of the most effective grades of Purgex.  Kathleen’s sales team also works closely with Neutrex international distributors.

Randolph J. HaagVice President of Marketing

Randy has utilized his status as a world-ranked amateur golfer to form close business relationships and develop multiple innovative companies.  Armed with a strong entrepreneurial spirit inherited from his father AP, and decades of experience in marketing and finance, Randy’s mission is to introduce Purgex to new customers in the United States and around the world.

Kenneth HaagOperations Manager

Since being put in charge of manufacturing by his father AP, Ken has overseen the production of millions of pounds of Purgex® per year for decades from the Neutrex facilities in Houston.  Ken and his production team are dedicated to assuring customers consistently receive high quality Purgex purging compounds in a timely manner.

Theresa RothschildTreasurer

Theresa is a Certified Public Accountant who serves as the Controller of Neutrex.  Her responsibilities include company financial reporting, accounts receivable/payable, payroll and billing supervision for all Purgex® purchases by our valued customers.


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