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Commercial Purging Compound

Commercial and Industrial plastic products are held to a different standard than products in other industries. Heavy-duty containers, thick liners, and durable trash cans are all expected to withstand the rigors of daily use. These products are depended on to perform without exception day in and day out. Reliability starts at production, and you can’t make a consistent product if the machine isn’t cleaned out completely.

Purgex™ Features for Commercial Products:purging compounds plastics industry


From safety orange to practical black, commercial plastic products utilize a wide range of colors and materials. Difficultly purging plastic can eat up hours of valuable machine time and waste hundreds of dollars each time they are performed. Oftentimes, even after a traditional purge, certain thermoplastic resins like ABS and filled polyolefins can leave residual colors and carbon that reappear in the middle of the next run.  Purgex™ Purging Compounds for the plastics industry quickly clean out those previous colors and materials so that you can start your next run without fear of black specks or streaks.


No matter the process used to make your product, Purgex has the right grade and technical know-how to get the quickest, most efficient purging compound to do the job. The Purgex line of purging compounds offers different grades that deliver industry-leading performance on an array of resins and processes.  In most cases, we can provide a single grade that offers the absolute best results for the type of material you may be molding. Change your resins and colors– stay with just one grade of Purgex.


Heavy-duty products utilize some of the strongest resins on the market. The challenge for the molder of these resins is that rugged or highly-filled resins can be some of the toughest materials to purge out of a molding machine. Purgex gives its customers a combination of versatility and strength to purge those materials. One grade of Purgex purging compounds can muscle out stubborn materials like mineral-laden ABS or glass-filled PE for structural foam.