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Purging Compound Procedures

Purging Procedures for Injection MoldingBlow Molders are having great results with Purgex 457 Plus and Purgex 459 Plus. Request your sample today and speak with our experts.  Purgex™, like any other tool, is most effective when used correctly. That’s why the Neutrex technical staff reviews our purging compound procedures to make sure they are easy to use, practical for the manufacturing environment, and work for a wide range of purging scenarios. If your purging compound molding guide is not listed below, please send us an email at sales@purgexonline.com to receive one of our other, more specific purging procedures.


Below are the basic purging compound procedures for most molding applications:

Injection Molding Procedure – Barrel, Screw, Check Ring and Nozzle

Injection Molding Procedure – Hot Runner System Open Mold

Extrusion Procedure – Extruder and Die

Extrusion Procedure – On-The-Fly: Non-Vented Barrel

Extrusion Procedure – Blown Film

Blow Molding Procedure – Accumulators