Purging Compounds for Glass-Filled Resins | Purgex

Purgex™ 457 Plus

Product Information

Purgex™ 457 Plus commercial purging compound is a ready-to-use blend consisting of active ingredients with a polyethylene carrier. Purgex products have mechanical activity for efficient cleaning, foaming action for enhanced mixing and a lubricant for easy removal. Want to learn more about how purging compounds work?


Physical Description

  • Blend, polyethylene, viscosity modifier and an active component
  • Non-toxic, non-abrasive, and safe
  • Ready to use and easy to remove


Features and Benefits

  • Designed for more challenging color and/or material changes plus efficient cleaning of hot runner systems, Purgex 457 Plus has proven to perform particularly well in removing low-to-mid-range mineral. It is also an ideal purging compound for glass-filled resins.
  • Engineered for rapid turnaround on color and material changes. Efficiently removes residual contamination.
  • Effectively cleans the barrel, screw, check ring, as well as hot runner systems and is safely processed through hot runner gates as small as .030-inch (.75mm).
  • Thorough cleaning of melt pumps and is safely processed through dies as small as .030-inch (.75mm).
  • Active components in Purgex 457 Plus neutralize acid gases generated by PVC.