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Purgex™ 602 Plus

Product Information

Purgex™ 602 Plus commercial purging compound is a ready-to-use blend consisting of active ingredients with a polystyrene carrier. Purgex products have mechanical activity for efficient cleaning, foaming action for enhanced mixing and a lubricant for easy removal.


Physical Description

  • Blend & polystyrene and an active component
  • Non-toxic, non-abrasive, and safe
  • Ready to use and easy to remove


Features and Benefits

  • Specifically designed purging compound for clear resins, Purgex 602 Plus efficiently removes residual contamination from the screw and barrel in injection molding machines and extruders and effectively cleans hot runner systems.
  • Purgex 602 Plus performs fast and efficient color and material changes with PC and PS resins and their copolymers.
  • Purgex 602 Plus greatly reduces/eliminates the haze that is often left after purging clear parts with polyolefin-based purging compounds.
  • The active ingredients in Purgex 602 Plus help prevent degradation of the polystyrene carrier.