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Purgex™ 602 Plus

Product Information

Purgex™ 602 Plus commercial purging compound is a ready-to-use blend consisting of active ingredients with a polystyrene carrier. Purgex products have mechanical activity for efficient cleaning, foaming action for enhanced mixing and a lubricant for easy removal.


Physical Description

  • Blend & polystyrene and an active component
  • Non-toxic, non-abrasive, and safe
  • Ready to use and easy to remove


Features and Benefits

  • Specifically designed for clear resins, Purgex 602 Plus efficiently removes residual contamination from the screw and barrel in injection molding machines and extruders and effectively cleans hot runner systems.
  • Purgex 602 Plus performs fast and efficient color and material changes with PC and PS resins and their copolymers.
  • Purgex 602 Plus greatly reduces/eliminates the haze that is often left after purging clear materials with polyolefin-based purging compounds.
  • The active ingredients in Purgex 602 Plus help prevent degradation of the polystyrene carrier.
  • With regular use, Purgex forms a temporary barrier which protects steel surfaces from oxidation, extending the cleaning process.