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About Purgex™

FDA approved purging compoundsPurgex™ purging compounds are a group of top quality, high value, competitively priced commercial purging compounds. Purgex has been used worldwide on injection molding, extrusion, and blow molding applications.

These products have mechanical activity for effective cleaning plus foaming action for enhanced mixing and a lubricant for easy removal from the machine.

Purgex grades are composed of active ingredients with a resin carrier and are engineered to clean thoroughly and quickly to maximize color/resin change turnaround and reduce scrap.

Most grades of purging compounds are designed for versatility and are effective on a broad range of resins and multiple production methods.

Specialty Purgex grades are available for specific resins and processes such as:

Polypropylene copolymerBlown Film
NylonStack Molds
Polycarbonate, styreneCompounding

Purgex grades:

  • Have been developed for use in injection molding machines and extruders.
  • Effectively clean hot runner systems, mixing nozzles, and non-return valves (i.e., check ring, ball check).
  • Thoroughly remove material build-up on metal surfaces (barrel, screw, nozzle, hot runner system, die).
  • Neutralize acid gases (HCl) generated by PVC (Plus grades).
  • Are safe and recommended for shutdown.
  • Are all 100% made in the USA at our on-site manufacturing facility.

Purgex Service:

GRAs purging compounds

With a technical product such as Purgex, Neutrex Inc. also works with our customers to help make every part of their purging procedure better. We work alongside the processor to identify key purging problems, dissect the results of plant trials, and ultimately supply  a complete purging package. Finding the right purging compound as well as the right process to achieve your goals can mean thousands of extra dollars saved yearly. Our Technical Reps have the hands-on industry knowledge and experience to help troubleshoot previous problems as well as find the best method in which to use Purgex.