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Packaging & Purging Compounds

From clear blown stretch film to colored injection molded containers, the Packaging Industry utilizes a range of applications and colors to get the job done right. Fortunately, there are Purgex™ purging compounds for the packaging industry with a solution to fit your process.

Purgex™ Features for Packaging:

purging compounds packaging industry


Purgex is safe for your machines and Hot Runner System. Purgex is strictly tested to ensure it can safely pass through any gate .030″ (.75mm) or larger and still provide the industry-leading performance you need. This means no worries for your customers or your employees on the floor.


Every process has different purging techniques. Every resin presents different challenges.  With Purgex’s versatility, you have a purging compound that can tackle both of these varying aspects with proven success. Whether you are facing 2-hour long changeovers blow molding bottles or hundreds of scrap parts on an injection molding machine, Purgex has the product and the know-how to make your color or material changes as fast as possible.

Bio Resins

Processing biodegradable or compostable resins? Our R&D Department has conducted tests and developed grades designed to handle the emerging bio-resin market. Unsure if Purgex can be used on your particular resin? Give us a quick call and our experienced staff can work with you to solve your specific challenges.

Cost Savings

Color changes can vary widely with each run. The time and cost of those different changeovers can vary just as much. Reducing a changeover time by just 20% can translate into massive material and cost savings to a molder over the course of a year. Purgex purging compounds, as a whole, represent hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings to our customers annually. Whether black to clear, or red to yellow, each Purgex purge will cut down on your color or material change costs.