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Purging Compound Case Studies

Case Study Capsule #6004

Industry:AutomotiveProduct:Vanity Cover
Machine:390T ToshibaPart Weight:.35 oz.
Hot Runner System:YesResin:ABS
Color Change:YesFrom/To:Black to Light Parchment
Barrel Capacity:40.9 oz.Previous Purging Agent:Mechanical Purging Compound
Problem:  Excessive Purge Time, Black Specks
Recommendation:  Purgex™ 457 Plus

Even though company policy was to scrap the first 10 parts after a changeover, this automotive molder was having excessive scrap rates on each dark to light color change they made. Even after a purge, operators were seeing black specks in the next run. These specks, combined with the long purge time made this particular part a frustrating one to change colors on.

Even on a small part such as this vanity cover, this molder was producing over 100 bad parts each changeover using their previous purging material. When purging with Purgex 457 Plus, scrap rates were cut to just 15 bad parts. Due to a 30-second cycle time, this scrap difference meant that Purgex saved more than 45 minutes each changeover. Additionally, this molder saw a savings of $13.07 in total cost per purge compared to before.

Case Study Capsule #2056

Industry:AutomotiveProduct:Map Pocket (LH/RH)
Machine:2000T HPMPart Weight:1.32 lbs. (each)
Hot Runner System:YesResin:Co-PP
Color Change:YesFrom/To:Black to Beige
Barrel Capacity:144 oz.Previous Purging Agent:Mechanical Purging Compound
Problem:  High Scrap Rate, Excessive Purge Use
Recommendation:  Purgex™ 459 Plus

This Tier I molder’s goal was to improve color change time, reduce scrap and amount of purging compound used.  Current dark-to-light color change time was 34 minutes using 40 lbs. of mechanical purging compound with 15 scrap parts.

With Purgex™ 459 Plus performance purging compound, only 15 lbs. was needed to clean the barrel, screw, and hot runner system, reducing the purge time to 20 minutes and scrap to 4 parts.  With a $0.20/lb. lower price for Purgex™, the material cost savings per purge totaled $82.57.  Including machine time, a cost save of $98.90 per purge was booked.

Case Study Capsule #9001

Industry:AutomotiveProduct:J-Car End Cap
Machine:500T Van DornPart Weight:11.2 oz.
Hot Runner System:YesResin:PC/ABS to Co-PP
Color Change:YesFrom/To:Black to Beige
Barrel Capacity:80 oz.Previous Purging Agent:Mechanical Purging Compound
Problems: High Scrap Rate, Excessive Purge Time
Recommendation:  Purgex™ 3057 Plus

Machine time sold at 100% made quick and efficient purging a priority for this Tier I customer.  Although their purging compound was priced $0.12/lb. lower than Purgex™, each purge took 45 minutes and produced over 21 lbs. of scrap.  Purging with Purgex™ 3057 Plus cut purging time to just 15 minutes while slashing scrap by 18.2 lbs. (or 87%).

When combining the cost of materials, scrap and machine time, the savings per purge of $41.96 with Purgex™ overrode the upfront “value” of the mechanical purging compound.

Case Study Capsule #2019

Industry:AutomotiveProduct:Coolant Reservoir
Machine:750T DeMagPart Weight:1.87 lbs.
Hot Runner System:YesResin:Co-PP
Color Change:YesFrom/To:Black to Clear
Barrel Capacity:140 oz.Previous Purging Agent:Mechanical Purging Compound
Problem:  Black Specks
Recommendation:  Purgex™ 456 Plus

Purgex™ 456 Plus increased overall productivity for this press, as well as solving the black speck problem.  Scrap was reduced from 7 parts to 3, and 40% less purging material was needed to do the job.  These improvements, coupled with a $0.60/lb. savings on the cost of purging compound, resulted in a cost save for the customer of $49.35 per purge.