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Toilet seats, action figures, and dog bowls have very little in common aside from their general market segment. Our purging compound commercial manufacturing uses different resins, processes, and colors all make it necessary for your purging compound to keep up with whatever curveball you can throw at it. Whether blow molding toys or injection molding chairs, Purgex™ continues to prove, after more than 20 years, that performance doesn’t have to be sacrificed for versatility; your resins and colors change, your purging compound doesn’t have to.

Purgex™ Purging Compounds for Consumer Products:purging compounds commercial manufacturing


If it’s a commodity resin like polypropylene or polyethylene, or a lesser-known engineering resin, odds are we have a grade that will work perfectly for it. Modern thermoplastic molding facilities can very rarely get away with processing just one type of resin. Five different customer orders may mean five different types of resins, and plastic processors have to be prepared for such an occasion. The Purgex line of purging compounds takes this challenge into consideration by offering different grades that deliver industry-leading performance on an array of resins. In most cases, we have one grade that provides the absolute best results for every one of the grades you may be molding. Change your resins and colors– stay with just one grade of Purgex.

Cost Savings

Customers’ demands can change with each passing day. A run of 5,000 blue polyethylene cups can turn into 10,000 yellow ones at a moment’s notice. Stay prepared for these changes with Purgex purging compounds. Purgex and our team of purging specialists can help you maximize each machine’s performance and avoid wasting machine time, materials, and money on each color and material change. We know that each unnecessary part wasted and each minute of downtime during a purge can quickly compound into thousands of dollars worth of waste. Purgex purging compounds are lab-engineered to get the very most out of every machine. But don’t just take our word for it; see the results for yourself.

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