Purging Compound FAQs - Common Purging Compound Questions

What makes Purgex better than other purging compounds?

  • Purgex is a scientifically engineered purging compound that can be effectively used to clean a wide range of resins.
  • It takes only a small amount of purging compounds from Purgex to get the job done right.
  • All Purgex grades are safe and effective for cleaning hot runner systems*, mixing nozzles, check valves, melt pumps, and extrusion dies*.
  • Purgex is competitively priced and has the highest performance-to-cost ratio of any commercial purging compound on the market today.
  • The active ingredients in Purgex™ neutralize hydrochloric acid (HCl) formed by PVC, thus preventing material contamination, black specks, and steel corrosion.

*A small as .030″ (.75mm) in diameter.

How much Purgex is required to purge?

When purging the first time with Purgex, it is recommended to use 1-1/2 to 2 barrel capacities of Purgex.  When using Purgex on a regular basis, 1 to 1-1/2 barrel capacities is sufficient for efficient, effective cleaning.

Can the same Purgex grade be used for more than one resin?

Yes, Purgex grades are formulated for versatility and perform across a wide variety of resins, eliminating the need for multiple purging compounds.

Is Purgex effective on mixing nozzles, check rings, melt pumps, etc.?

Yes.  Mixing nozzles, check rings, melt pumps, etc., have numerous small crevices where resin and colorant build up.  Purgex has the capability to penetrate and clean those hard-to-reach areas.

Can purging compounds be used in hot runner systems?

Yes, all Purgex purging compound grades are recommended for use in hot runner systems with gates as small as .030” (.755mm).

Can parts be made with Purgex purging compounds?

Yes, Purgex purging compounds can be molded.  This procedure is especially useful in certain circumstances such as larger parts with intricate areas, like speaker grilles.

Can parts molded with Purgex be reground and reused?

Yes and no, depending on the particular situation.  Because all commercial purging compounds contain ingredients in addition to resin, this question must be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Can Purgex purging compounds be processed through extrusion or blow molding equipment?

Purgex purging compounds can safely be used to clean melt pumps and extrusion dies with at least a 1-inch wide opening.

What is a “rinse”?

The term “rinse” is used to describe the process of removing Purgex from the machine, hot runner system, die, etc., with the next resin.

Can Purgex be used for shutdown?

Yes, Purgex is recommended for machine shutdown to help make start up faster, more efficient, and less problematic.

What resin is used in Purgex?

The carrier resin used in most Purgex grades is virgin polyethylene.